Balcony Solar System

What’s a micro inverter?

A microinverter is a device that converts DC power from a single PV module to AC power. Compared to a traditional central inverter, its MPPT design allows it to convert power at the optimal level throughout the day, be it rain or shine, and avoid a single point of failure from affecting the entire system. Higher efficiency and reliability make microinverters a popular option for balcony solar systems across Europe.

  • Low cost thus the best value

  • Easy to install/DIY: lightweight with minimum accessories

  • Certified to be used in your region

  • APP Remote monitoring and
    control enabled by built-in WiFi

  • Output up to 580W AC;
    recommended for dual 450W solar panels

  • IP-66/IP-67 enclosure rating

  • High efficiency with 95.5% CEC

  • Safety first: low voltage of 60V

  • Integrated grounding for easy installation

How to connect


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