Applicable product model: LR5000,LT5000,LW5000,HR5000,HT5000, HS5000

This limited warranty (hereinafter “Warranty”) specified below applies to Battery Energy Storage system and the accessory Components (hereinafter “Products”) supplied by Jiangsu Daybright Intelligent Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter or “YelonESS”) to End User through Authorized Seller (hereinafter or “Seller”)

End User Definition

End User (hereinafter “User”) is the buyer who puts the Products into operation for the first time via the way authorized by YelonESS.

Authorized Seller

Authorized Seller is the Agents, Distributors, Partners, etc. authorized by YelonESS.

1. Purpose

The primary purpose of Limited warranty is to clearly define the matters related to warranty policy of Products.

The primary purpose of after-sales service part is to clearly define the matters related to precautions for use of Products.

2. YelonESS warrants to the End User as follows:

2.1 Product Warranty

2.1.1 This warranty commences the period of Ten (10) years from the earlier date of below conditions:

* six (6) months after the date the Product is manufactured

* Invoice provided by customer: standard warranty of 120 months (10 years) from invoice date.

2.1.2 The warranty period of products which are not activated online is Five (5) years.

2.2 Battery capacity performance warranty

ApplicationEnergy RetentionOperating Limitation
Solar self-consumption /backup Only70% at 10 years following the initial date mentioned in 2.1.1Unlimited cycles
Any other application or combination of applications70% at 10 years following the initial date mentioned in 2.1.1

Remark: Capacity measurement condition is defined in 6.8.

Warranty period subject to the conditions in Clause 4 and the Exclusions in Clause 5.

3. Warranty Scope

This warranty only covers repair or replacement of products with deficiency. In case the product has any quality problem, YelonESS will repair or replace the Product if the Product is defective and returned during the Warranty Period.

This Warranty does not include any accessories and tool kits provided with the Products.

4. Warranty Conditions

The warranties in respect of the Product

4.1 The deficiency was found out during product warranty period defined in Clause 2;

4.2 The product is purchased from YelonESS or an Authorised Seller in the Territory;

4.3 The official YelonESS serial number can be provided;

4.4 User shall provide the proof of the original purchase of the Product by presenting the seller’s invoice;

4.5 The product should be installed by proficient personnel verified by YelonESS or authorized seller ;

4.6 Installers should properly operate and use the product according to the User Manual;

4.7 The inverter settings must be confirmed by YelonESS or Authorized Seller;

4.8 The installation of the Product for the User shall be completed within 1 month;

4.9 The operating temperature during the operation of the Product must not exceed 0℃~50℃ temperature range and the Product shall not be exposed and stored in a temperature higher than 50℃, and shall not be exposed in an installed area to direct sunlight;

4.10 The Warranty covers a capacity equivalent to 1 full cycle per day;

4.11 The Product is not suitable for supplying power for life-sustaining medical devices or automotive application.

5. Exclusions of Warranty

To the extent permitted by law, YelonESS excludes all liability for the Product to the extent that any damage or defect has been caused or contributed to by the following:

5.1 Warranty period specified above has already expired;

5.2 Inverter or charger failure;

5.3 The Product being installed with inverters or chargers which have not been certified by YelonESS;

5.4 Transportation, including but not limited to dropping, trampling, deforming, impacting, or spearing with a sharp item;

5.5 Storage, installation, commissioning, modification or repair of the Product that has been performed by a person other than YelonESS or YelonESS' certified installer;

5.6 Failure to install, operate or maintain the product in accordance with the User Manual;

5.7 Abuse, misuse, negligence, accidents or force majeure events, including but not limited to lightning, flood, fire, extreme cold weather, or other events outside the reasonable control of YelonESS;

5.8 Any attempt to extend or reduce the life of the Product without written confirmation from YelonESS, whether by physical means, programming or other ways;

5.9 Dismantle the Product from the original installed location and re-install to another location without written permission from YelonESS;

5.10 Product malfunction caused by contacting water, conductive dust or corrosive gas;

5.11 The Product has been connected with different type or different brand battery modules;

5.12 Appearance damage, deformation, abrasion, stain, rust, mildew, or similar external influences caused by the user during use;

5.13 Theft or vandalism of the Product or any of its components;

5.14 End User fails to provide correct product serial number, or the product serial number provided is undecipherable or modified without permission by YelonESS.

6. Claim

6.1 Claims can be made to the Authorized Seller from whom the Product was purchased;

6.2 Users must, within 48 hours of a defect being discovered, notify YelonESS of a claim by emailing the Authorized Seller from whom the Product was purchased;

6.3 To process the Warranty Claims user must present below items:

Ø Invoice for the procurement of the Product;

Ø Product serial number and initial installation date;

Ø Provide the data log recorded by the Products to indicate whether it has achieved the minimum capacity or not (but this would not be decisive).

6.4 YelonESS may contact buyer for further information regarding the defect;

6.5 YelonESS may require buyer to complete root analysis testing of the Product to provide evidence supporting the claim. Final verification of the claim shall be made by YelonESS;

6.6 YelonESS reserves the right to refuse warranty requests where adequate information is not provided;

6.7 If a user disputes YelonESS’ verification of the claim, the Product must be evaluated by the local government certified testing lab or a certified 3rd party testing company. The user will bear the cost of any 3rd party evaluation service charge (unless the claim is proven to be valid, in which case YelonESS will be responsible for the testing costs);

6.8 If any testing of the Product’s capacity is required, the testing must occur under the following conditions:

1) The test is based on single battery module;

2) The ambient temperature of the Product must be 25℃±2℃;

3) The initial temperature of the battery terminals must be 25℃±1℃;

4) Discharge the battery at a constant current until the battery reaches discharge cut-off voltage or triggers auto protection;

5) Leave the battery for 30 mins;

6) Charge the battery at a constant current until the battery reaches charge cut-off voltage or triggers auto protection;

7) Leave the battery for 30 mins;

8) Discharge the battery at a constant current until the battery reaches discharge cut-off voltage or triggers auto protection. Monitor the current. Calculate the discharge capacity.

9) Current capacity= discharge time x constant current value;

10) The test value is shown as below:

Product ModelCut-off Discharge Voltage(V)Constant Charging Voltage (V)Constant Current (A)Cut-off Charging Current(A)

7. Definitions of nouns

In this document:

1) Nominal Energy means the initially rated capacity of the Product as printed on the label of the Product.

2) Product means lithium battery system manufactured by YelonESS. For details, please refer to the applicable product models in this warranty.

3) Product Instructions means the instructions and manuals issued by YelonESS with the Product that sets out how the Product should be installed and operated.

4) Territory means country or region, depending on where the Product was purchased.

5) User means the natural person or legal person that acquired the Product.

8. General provisions

The product warranty is subject to the laws of the Territory. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure if you can demonstrate there exists major failure and such major failure is solely and directly caused by us and we have no objection towards such identification of major failure. You are also entitled to ask us to repair or replace goods if you have evidence to prove that the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

If any provision in this document is unenforceable, illegal or void or makes this document or any part of it unenforceable, illegal or void, then that provision is severed and the rest of this document remains in force.

If any provision of this Warranty shall be declared void or unenforceable by any court and administrative body of competent jurisdiction, such provision shall be deemed to be amended to achieve as nearly as possible the same economic effect as the original provisions of this Warranty and the amended provisions and other provisions of this Warranty shall continue in full force and effect.

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